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The power of a BRAND (and how we re-discovered ours)

“People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” 

― Simon Sinek


Not sure about this? Here are some stats:

  • 33% of consumers have a brand in mind when they go shopping. (Source: Kettle Fire Creative)
  • B2B companies with brands that are perceived as strong generate a higher EBIT margin than others. (Source: Forbes)
  • 77% of consumers make purchasing decisions because of the brand. (Source: crowdspring)


And to clarify the relation between a why and a brand, Marty Neumeier’s definition of brand might be useful: “A brand is not a logo. A brand is not an identity. A brand is not a product. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”


Taking into consideration Simon Sinek’s proven principle, plus Marty Neumeier’s definition of a brand, and the stats in between, we can conclude that understanding the core ideas and beliefs behind a company/product and then translating them into consistent brand communications in all forms available, is what shall result in business success.


That’s not all though! 


A great brand is not just for consumers but also for the employees that supposedly make it great.


From a talent acquisition and retention perspective, “...a brand should be treated with the same rigor, focus, priority, and resources that go into building the world’s best consumer brands.”

– Brendan Browne, VP of Global Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn


Not only him, but 50% of employers think of employer branding as the core of a successful HR strategy. (Source: Beamery)


Going into studying brand case studies like Apple’s, brand updates like Uber’s, and powerful rebrands like Airbnb’s, would totally wrap up the ‘the power of a brand’ thesis.

apple logo change


However, a branding/rebranding exercise for your business (and ours) would likely be very different from the Apples, Ubers or Airbnbs of our time simply because of our offerings.


There are 31,140 recruitment firms in the UK as of March 2019 (Source: recruiter.co.uk) about 25,000 staffing and recruiting companies in the US (Source: American Staffing Association). Making ours ‘the Apple’ of the recruitment industry is not a realistic aim. However, making sure that TDA Creative’s branding would translate into the right people's “gut feeling about the organization.” is definitely something of a higher goal that we have and looking to continuously enhance by delivering a unique experience in all aspects.


So how did we go about re-discovering our brand, understanding and communicating our why, and translating it all into brand assets? Keep reading.


TDA Brand Discovery


Why a second look into our brand?

Rebranding reflects changes in the long-term objectives and aspirations of a company. During my interview process for the marketing manager role at TDA Creative 7 months ago, not only I understood that change of direction and growth was the case, but I also got so many positive impressions of the people I was interviewing with - the way they talked about TDA, the way they presented their roles to me, their passion, energy and dedication - all inspiring things that I did not catch when previously researching the firm and preparing for those interviews.


Once I joined the team and came to agreement with everyone that TDA Creative is more than it was presenting itself to be, we initiated the mission of articulating that energy through the brand!


The discovery process

As a newbie at TDA this was the perfect opportunity - not only did I have the opportunity to conduct and manage a rebranding project from start to finish, but I could also truly discover the brand for myself. An absolute bliss.


This is how we did it: employees from different functions across the business, different locations and seniority levels, participated in the brand discovery workshops. I mixed them up and formed 4 sessions with 3 people in each, where going deep and wide to understand all aspects of the business. Here’s an actual copy of the workshops agenda:


  • 09:30 - 10:00 Introductions
  • 10:00 - 11:30 Brand Values & Brand Personality
  • 11:30 - 12:30 Positioning
  • 12:30 - 13:30 break
  • 13:30 - 14:00 Employer Branding
  • 14:00 - 15:00 Purpose, Vision & Mission 


It was exciting and illuminating. I can’t stress enough the importance of everybody’s involvement and contributions. From what made them proud to work at TDA, to sharing their descriptions of the brand as if it was a superhero in a Disney movie, or personifying it as a random person that talked to them on the street - these insights were gold!


Now onto the deep work - analysing and articulating.


The analysis 

The best thing that could have happen, happened - repetitive answers, words and phrases coming up over and over again, from London, New York, San Francisco and Charlotte, from consultants, directors and back office employees. I must have gotten lucky, I know!


I had the idea, I had the vision, I had the feeling. I knew TDA Creative, I just had to put it into words.


After 2 weeks, 19 pages worth of workshop write ups, my old Research Methods and Analysis books into action and stretching my creative mind to its maximum, I had something.


The findings

Presenting the final outcome of the project to the whole business could be quite nerve-wrecking. Standing there in front of the founders of the business, in front of people that have been at TDA for many years, and in front of some other newbies like me, convincing them all WHO WE ARE - good luck to me.


Less likely to be a result of my great analytical and articulative skills and way more likely due to the evidently common sense of identity and repetitiveness of responses during the discovery phase, everyone was nodding in agreement, clapping and cheering over our brand statements, mission, vision and values. We all believed that this was TDA Creative! 


Well, not to get into any more detail but the actual findings, here is TDA Creative for you. Dive into our brand book.

TDA Brand Book 2021 (900x500)

What now?

We re-discovered our brand, great news! But that was far not the end of it.

  • Visual identity
  • Brand activation
  • Living and breathing the brand
  • 1 year post-launch review


Some of these have happened, some of these are still in the process, and we will be sharing our story all along. 


Stay tuned and be part of our evolving brand at www.tdacreative.com and www.linkedin.com/company/tda-creative/